Virtual Staging

Virtual staging – a form of home staging designed to impress buyers at a fraction of the cost of bringing in a professional stager – is one of the latest techniques the best Realtors® use to help clients sell their homes quickly and at the right price.

As visaliarealestateguide’s premier real estate agency, we’re a leader in virtual staging. We know what it takes to sell a vacant house quickly and at the right price.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual home staging is a type of home staging in which an interior design is created in a graphic editor. Virtual staging is especially popular among real estate brokers, photographers, and interior designers. The main goal of this kind of visualization is creating highly realistic images of properties (usually for sale). The major advantages of virtual staging over traditional home staging are time and cost; virtual staging is more than 90% cheaper than physical.

Virtual staging is sometimes done to market a vacant home, as it can offer many of the benefits of traditional staging at a significantly lower cost. About five to ten percent of online real estate listings use virtual staging.

Algorithms of data analysis that scan millions of images on the Internet and evaluate them regarding to views and likes on social networks help to create interior and decor models for the virtual staging process.

Let’s Talk About Virtually Staging Your Home

It can be tough to sell a vacant home, but that’s where we come in. We can virtually stage your home’s HDR photos to capture buyers’ interest, create a 3D interactive video tour or HD video that buyers can access any time, and get aerial photography that gives buyers a feel for the neighborhood and how your home fits within it. These are all part of our Premium Property Marketing System, which we provide for each of our clients.

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