You already know why you need to hire a great home inspector, but what does a home inspector really do? Is it something you could do on your own?
You can’t perform your own home inspection. (And if you knew how in-depth the job was, you probably wouldn’t want to. The average home inspection takes over 3 hours to complete, and the end result is a 20- to 50-page report, complete with pictures.)
While a good home inspector will invite you to come along for the inspection, here’s a quick checklist that you can use to ask the inspector questions or point out areas that concern you. Your home inspector will have his or her own checklist, which will likely be far more comprehensive than this one.
The Home Inspection Checklist
What to look for on the grounds:
• Grading: make sure the grade is appropriate for drainage away from the house
• Standing water
• Leaks from the septic tank
• Condition of the yard and walkways
• Branches or bushes touching the house, including the roof
• Condition of fences, sheds, porches, patios and decks
• Security of railings on decks and stairs
• Condition of driveway
What to look for on the exterior of the house:
• Condition of siding or exterior paint
• Cracks or breaks in masonry; cracks in stucco
• Vines on the structure’s surface
• Square (the angle, not the shape) windows and doorframes
• Sides of house appear straight rather than bowed or saggy
• Condition of the visi