As you’re out and about looking at homes with a Visalia, CA real estate agent, the houses and their features can start to blend together. Was it the blue house with the big kitchen, or was that the one with the strange smell in the upstairs bathroom? Did you write it down?

How are you supposed to keep all these houses straight so you can make the best decision?

Use a home comparison chart. It’s not difficult to make one yourself, and you can print it to bring along each time you’re visit a different home.

How to Make a Home Comparison Chart

Using a spreadsheet, create four columns.

In the first column, type “Features.”

In the second and subsequent columns, type “House #1,” “House #2” and “House #3.”

Fill in the first column with vital information; follow that with the amenities you’re looking for in a home so you can check the boxes if the home has those features.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Address
2. Price
3. Square footage
4. Lot size
5. Taxes
6. Association dues
7. Number of bedrooms
8. Number of bathrooms
9. Kitchen
10. Formal dining room
11. Family room
12. Living rom
13. Den/study
14. Laundry
15. Number of parking spaces
16. Patio/porch
17. Fireplace
18. Spa
19. Storage space
20. Exterior condition
21. Landscaping
22. Schools
23. Near work
24. Near hospital
25. Near shop