Time to Sell Your Home Faster During Current Times AND Pay Less? 

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I tried everything trying to sell it on my own and got nowhere ​Diana got buyers in ways i didn't, used his mortgage experience to help put the deal together and reduction in commissions kept the deal together, I tried for a year in what she did in weeks!

What You’ll Get During This No Obligation Free Strategy Call

​Diana will listen and then analyze the situation from all sides; marketing, real estate and financial and will come up with a strategy you could use that will get  your home more offers and save you by giving full service with a lower commission.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Get property description, what you owe and what you want to get and the commission you want to pay.

What Happens During the Call

​Diana will listen to your goals and show you the marketing she uses (most don't know about or know how to use like she does), examples of recent successes and how she can accomplish your goals.

What Changes After the Call

​Diana works up a written action plan and when you approve it she and ​her team get to work and stay with you every step of the way with regular updates and is there when you need to call or email. She puts his marketing hat on then real estate and mortgage hats on so every angle is covered to optimize the deal.

About ​Diana ​Benson

30 years of extensive real estate and mortgage experience combined with marketing that is ahead of the market and discount commissions...she offers the best of both worlds!

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Here are a few clients talking about why they chose ​Diana Benson

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​Ruben Alonzo


​Diana's professionalism, responsiveness, work ethic, and experience is unrivaled. She WILL get you the keys to your dream or investment home. Give her the details/parameters and let her get to work. We cannot thank you enough, Diana, for such an efficient, transparent, and quick home-buying process. THANK YOU!

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​Michael Benassini


​​Ms. Benson was always professional, courteous, and working very hard to find what my partner and I were looking for in a home. It was certainly a challenge in the midst of the pandemic, but Ms. Benson made sure that things went as smoothly as they could. We could not be happier with her services.

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​Jose Aguilera


​Diana was very helpful; being in the military and getting orders on a short notice was very stressful to try to sell my home. After calling her, in no time she had a professional team at my house getting it ready to advertise it. Great experience loved every step of it and she really took care of me and my family.

What Are You Waiting For? Let ​Diana Get to Work!